Custom Photo Assignment

Almost anything you can dream, PhotoSports can be assigned to photograph. Photos are one of the most powerful tools for persuasion. But not all pictures are equally effective. The difference between a great image and a pretty-good image can be like day and night. At PhotoSports, we have both the experience and the equipment to obtain the results you want.

There are so many uses for Custom Assignment Photography. Just a handful are noted in the boxes below. What is your dream for YOUR Custom Sports Assignment?

We can photograph a 4-hour camp or a four-day camp...

… Do you hold a Sports Camp or Clinic? Let PhotoSports capture images to be used on your website and social media to promote your Camp/Clinic. As a parent of a camper, let PhotoSports photograph your athlete for great camp memories. Take advantage and contact PhotoSports today for a quote on your Custom Photo Assignment.

We can photograph your Event!

Have an event? Big or small, whether it’s a sports event or not, you can have PhotoSports photograph it. These images can help promote future events as well as create those life-long memories of the Event we photograph for you. Share the images with your friends, families or business associates. Contact PhotoSports about covering your upcoming Event.

We can photograph Teams and/or players to provide prints for the families as well as digital files for your Team’s website…

Coaching a team this year? Maybe your team is in a tournament and needs a team photo and/or head shots of the players. Are you the parent of an athlete on a team? And just want a team shot or head shot of your child? Let us capture the images you need. Contact PhotoSports to create your Team or Player Custom Photo Assignment.

We can photograph your Tournament!

Are you a Tournament Director? Do you have an upcoming Tournament? Tournaments are a great way to raise revenue for a Team or Program. Want to capture your Tourney’s images creating a lasting memory for the players, parents and families… and market your Tournament at the same time?  Don’t wait and reserve PhotoSports for your Tourney’s Custom Photo Assignment.

We can photograph your Golf or Baseball swing...

Got a great swing? Maybe you think you have a hitch in either your golf or baseball swing? With our lightning fast cameras, we can shoot as many as 10 frames per second, producing images that  will allow you to analyze what it is you’re doing correctly… or incorrectly! Whether you want to improve your game or simply have a cool piece of stop-action artwork, let us record the mechanics of your swing. Reserve your PhotoSports Custom Assignment today.

Do you sell things on eBay or other website?

Want powerful, crystal clear images of your products to help them sell on eBay? Potential buyers seeing the detail of your merchandise definitely adds to their desire for the item. Increase your sales with professional photography from PhotoSports. Contact us for shooting your Products’ Custom Photo Assignment.

Just about anything you can come up with, PhotoSports can capture your special moments...

Memories are always more special when you have the help of great photos … and the ability to share them.  Just about any memory you want to preserve, PhotoSports can help. If we shoot your Custom Photo Assignment, you’ll get a special gallery to review and select your photos.  It’s that easy. Contact PhotoSports for a quote on YOUR Custom Photo Assignment.

If you think PhotoSports is covering a game your athlete is playing and are interested in purchasing single prints, please visit PhotoSports SmugMug site, where you can view galleries and purchase individual images.